Dear colleagues and friends!

The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications will host the V International Scientific Congress NEUROBIOTELECOM 2012 – Information and Сommunication Technologies in Innovation, Bomedical and Engineering Sciences from the 6th till 7th of December.

The Congress is dedicated to the memory of its founder professor Anatoly Yastrebov.

NEUROBIOTELECOM 2012 will cover traditional topics of interest for interdisciplinary conferences, including information technologies in telecommunication, diagnostic and therapy methods in neurobiology, osteopathy, biotechnical systems and computational technologies in bioinformatics. The development of the new generation of methods for computer and theoretical analysis of communication environments and the application of these methods to a wide variety of practical tasks will be highlighted. NEUROBIOTELECOM 2012 will update you on the latest achievements in engineering and building of devices, systems and complexes in telecommunication, tell about the recent methods of diagnostics and technologies in investigation of neurobiological processes, as well as showcase modern technologies of computer simulation in the creation of biotechnical systems.

The agenda of the congress will include plenary and program reports, panel discussions of important issues in communication techniques, bioinformatics and system analysis of medico-biological data in experimental studies. The participants will get a chance to showcase and get feedback on their work.

We invite scientists who work in the field of telecommunication, neurobiology, bioinformatics, mathematical and theoretical computational biology, as well as experimental researchers who use computer methods to develop complex communicational systems.

We also welcome professionals in practical medicine, biologists, pharmacists, professionals in the field of nanobiotechnology, developers of medical devices and professionals in the field of economics in education.

An interesting entertainment program will be provided to the participants.

We hope to see you at the Congress and will do our best to make your visit to Saint Petersburg interesting and productive.